Personal website communication

Connect with your online customers in the most personal and seamless way - by text, voice or video call.

Turn your visitors into customers

Just imagine your website visitors can reach out to you with a live video call or a modern voice message.

Of users reported an increase in customer trust
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More personal than a chatbot or web form

Voice messages from your website

Give your online customers the opportunity to ask open questions by voice message. It's easy, fun and state-of-the-art.

Sending voice message with Beyondcall
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Video calls on your website

Whenever you are online, website visitors can reach out to you in real time and talk to you via video call. It's time to go the modern way of customer support.

Sending voice message with Beyondcall

Why shouldn’t I just use WhatsApp or Skype?

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Teamworks makes the dream work

Beyondcall is not linked to one certain phone number or device. This allows your whole team to answer incoming messages.

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Mix & Match to suit your needs

With Beyondcall, you decide with just one click how you want your web visitors to reach out to you: it's easy to choose between video call, voice and/or text message. This is different to WhatsApp.

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European data protection

Our software has been developed in Austria. We therefore adhere to the highest European data standards and host all personal data on European servers in Belgium and Germany.

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We take E-commerce personally.

It's time to give your website more personality - that's exactly what Hemma's done.

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